Mia Harrison

Afro-pessimism isn’t anti-hope; it’s anti-optimism
—Che Gossett


have you arrived yet?
do you know your destination?
does it matter?
where are you going?

what will you do when you get there? do they know you there?
do they care about you?
when was the last time you were here?

what time are they expecting you? are you proud of what you are doing? does your family support you?

when was the last time you cried out loud? what makes you insecure?
are those insecurities real?
should you reject time?
when was the last time you were rejected? does gravity trap or help you?
is it easier for you to refuse them?
is it harder for you to be yourself?
will you become lazy when you make it?

what is the longest amount of time you have slept?
how do you know if you’re actually awake?
do you find yourself in complicated relationships between what things look like and what they are?
when was the last time you felt love for something inside of yourself?
who is the last person you said “I love you” to?
did you mean it?
do you want to talk about it?
how do you get out of this?

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