who’s the terrorist?

justin c. berkbigler

Inspired by DAM’s song “Meen Erhabe”
in the documentary Slingshot Hip Hop

who’s the terrorist
i’m the terrorist
when you take away my land & occupy me

this wall one day will fall

who’s the outcast
i’m the outcast
when you kill my brother & destroy my city

this land one day will be free

who’s the child
i’m the child
when you tie my hands down & persecute me

this suffering one day will pass

who’s the stranger
i’m the stranger
when you isolate me in my own country

this distance one day will be gone

who’s the Ishmael
i’m the Ishmael
when you disperse my people & reject me

this wound one day will be healed

who’s the radical
i’m the radical
when you surround my village & stereotype me

this hate one day will be love

who’s the animal
i’m the animal
when you check my i.d. & profile me

this insult one day will be praise

who’s the agitator
i’m the agitator
when you paint me on your t.v. & say i’m the enemy

this deception one day will be exposed

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