Clamor 2017


clam⋅or    |    noun    |    \‘kla-mər\

1. a loud uproar, as from a crowd of people; popular outcry.

2. insistent public expression (as of support or protest).

3. a vehement expression of desire or dissatisfaction.

4. University of Washington Bothell’s professional grade literary and arts journal.

Welcome to Clamor 2017. As a collaborative student led publication, we are dedicated to creating a space for the arts on campus and beyond. In keeping with our name, we are passionate about the arts as “insistent public expression” and seek to advocate for the best creative practices within our journal, through a showcase of visual, media, and written arts. This year our editorial board wanted to foreground our commitment to intersectionality and representation of the diverse student body and broader community.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our contributors for bravely sharing their work. Inspired by the way they put their hearts into their art, we have put our own into exhibiting it. Thank you, as well, to our readers for their support, which has allowed us to publish our 11th edition of Clamor.

We invite you to turn the page and experience the clamor.

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2017 Poetry

2017 Prose

2017 Visual Art

2017 Video & Audio


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