2017 Poetry

Heather Andrews Cha Cha
Fatima Al-Shemary Hidden Hands

Words Make Love/Hate

Jacq Marie Babb —a portrait of climbing—
Michael Warren Bagby Showing the Subject
Allena Bassett So we won’t have no need of more Slave Songs again

Comin’ for you now, Child. Don’t you be Afraid.”

Carl Boon A Teacher

Photos Of Us

C.C. Quetzal
Michael Thomas Cooper We Walked Into Our Mass Graves, Not Watching
 PH Creed  “When Merlin Fell Asleep
Rania Elshamma When I was I


Hitoe Engelbrekt I Am From
Terrell Fox Catalog Of Scars
Tracy Jane Gregory ” So what if I’m possessed?
John Kim I am an Adopted Child of America
Corbin Louis Serotonin

Dumpster Ethos

Maisha Manson Waves
Joan McBride Twirler

Engineering Ginger

Ngoc Nguyen The fear, right here
Kendall Wiggins Ant Brains
Mudasir Zubair Untargeted

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