Clamor 2020

A Letter From the Editors

How is everyone doing? Professor Ali asks at the beginning of our online meetings. 
I feel I’m not doing enough.
All I’ve done is sleep.
I’m sorry I haven’t been as engaged.

If we had said these things before the pandemic, it might have seemed like we were not putting in enough effort. Even during a global crisis, some of us feel we are not doing enough, while others find themselves working harder than ever. Major shifts due to the spread of COVID-19 have pushed us to adapt to new expectations and stresses. Lives and experiences have been lost during this time, and the world is filled with grief. We recognize how lucky and privileged we are to be alive and part of this team. We hope art can help us overcome the feeling of disconnect experienced around the world. 

This publication is a celebration of our community’s strength. Because of the isolation, this collaboration was more difficult but also more rewarding. By presenting UW Bothell’s best creative works in the most environmentally aware edition in our journal’s history, we Clamorians hope to tell a story of resilience and sustainability through art. 

Due to the extraordinary efforts of the Clamor team, and despite all the hurdles we have faced, you are viewing the 2020 edition of Clamor. This journal would not have been possible without the hard work and support of a rotating staff of students, contributors, and readers like you. 

With immense pride and effort, we present the cumulative work of this once-in-a-lifetime year.

We love you, and we believe in you.

Please enjoy Clamor 2020.

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