2020 Poetry and Prose

Najma AdanBlank Canvas
Susanna AndrewsParasitical Nightmare
Beza Ayeleapprehension
Jessica BelmontThe Rock Defiled
Scott Bentley10 or 11 Things I know About Him
Krisna BourThe Man with the Seven Heads
The Old Man in Rags
Gregory BuckGazy
Grandma May-Bee: A Snapshot Portrait
Annika G.R. BunneyThe Cycle if the Tree
Marina BurandtCenter of Nothing
If You Wouldn’t Mind
Find Me In
Denise Calvetti MichaelsLamentations on the Technologies of Transformation and Loss
What You Really Want To Describe
Virginia CassadyBear Chase
Shanelle ClogstonWristlet
NP CreedRum Whore
Jennifer D’AmicoRose Marie D’Amico – A Speculative Conversation
Kiana DolamMy Favorite Color Was You
Shanley FerminThe adventures of Johnny…
Jasmine FigueroaThe Weeping Willow
Alec GabinBroad Highway
Saskia Gottuso10 Ways to Raise Your Energy and Vibe
Nicolas HauserGround[DED]
Kylie KeplWatch Your Step
West LawrenceThe Greatest Beings To Ever Exist
Sabina Livadariunothing to give to you
Corbin LouisGemini Season
Little MApraxia
Jeanne MacbethBelievers in Signs
Abigail MandlinA Personal Inquiry into the Second Law of Thermodynamics
In Statu Nascendi
She tasted like vanilla: overpowering.
Joan McBridein Transit
Suburban Dilemma
Washing Underwear
Joseph NiduazaAnd He. And She: A Day in the Life
Jan O.I enjoy reading things really loudly…
Ila PlankThe Accident
Rachel RaymondWanderlost
Noelle Rittenhousemonthly matters
Ashley RittenhouseSilent Night.
Michelle SchaeferPayback
Stephanie SeguraSaguaro at the End of the Yard
Karina SyrovaThe Code
Audrey TinninFinally, was all she wrote.
Elaine TjokroAku
Cliff Watson Shattered
The New Life
Kevin YeomanThis Little Counterfeit

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