2016 Poetry


Wallace Branin


Brent Cox


“Must Be Types
Colin Davis


“Philothea Walking”
Christyn Hutchens


“Nail Polish”
“Today Is For The Birds”
 Alexa Lavides


 “Dear Eternity, Love Infinity”
 Corbin Louis


 “Rag Doll”
 Reed Lowell


 Joan McBride


“Dead to Rights”
“She Was Always Drowning”
 Elizabeth McEachern


 Amanda Poteete


 Beth Secor


 “Help Me So That I May Exist Again.”
 Chris Seko


Marissa Smith


 LaKrista Vantrece


 “When It Rains”
 Kendall Wiggins


 “From Start to Finish You Never Would Have Known”
 Kaitlin Young


 “Basic Bitches”
 Taryn Ziegler


 “I Used to Be Religious”
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