2018 Poetry

Beyza Ayele dark=good
Justin C. Berkbigler Who’s the Terrorist
Shanelle Clogston Salt Watered Eyes (A Shell’s Peril)
Katherine Cole Collectively Listening
Jessie Dixon Finishing
Sally Elhousieny Purple

The Universe Within Me

Hitoe Engelbrekt A Student in Class
Terell Fox Unto Caesar
Lisa Fryett Columbia
Darin Gad Crazy
Liezel Moraleja Hackett Asthma
Mia Harrison WhenDeyTryNStopUButDeyCaint

Conversations With the Dead Girl Under my Dining Room Table

Jessica Kunder Interloper
J.L. Lorenz My Body
Corbin Louis Zen Liquor Store
Reed Lowell Weave
Joan McBride The Dead Send Dreams
Denise Calvetti Michaels Where is the Map?

The Lyric is the Desire to Breathe

Kelsey Phillips Butterfly Garden
Sam Prudente Conservations: Out of Thin Air
Elizabeth Salinas Heroine Within Me
W. Sean Mosman Sinclair A Draft on Distant Desire and a Pot of Earl Grey Tea
Kat Seidemann La Isla
Sage Stephens A Poem’s Plead
Dominique Tate A Bookish Tale
Anna Vilhauer *bold terms from U.S. Census Bureau Glossary
Jasmin Will. Surrender
Taryn Ziegler We’re Killing The World, Aren’t We


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