2019 Prose and Poetry

Eric Acosta9 29 17
Jacq Marie Babb Tremvelabletion


Pulthunseder (Web Exclusive)
Grace Boulanger Quiet, You’ll Hear It
Shanelle Clogstonwatered down siLence On the rOcKs
Amanda Cook

Silent Punishment

NP CreedToo Many Babies

Human (Web Exclusive)
Rania ElshammaOther
Jenny Fan A Self Portrait
Shae Foley Requiem

Word Problem

The Grief Museum (Web Exclusive)
G. FoxA Beautiful Remembrance
Nicolas Hauser
Tenderness&Hope in the Death of a Ghost

Mariam KhodrPrivilege
Kristine Jeanyoung KimYellow Flower’s Confession
Corbin LouisAfternoon Slump

In 2010,
Abigail Mandlin The Morphology of Fortune

The Syntax of Flowers (Web Exclusive)
Joan McBrideCatching Snakes

Loaded Gun

Learning to Merge (Web Exclusive)
Denise Calvetti MichaelsThere Was A Tree in Our Yard

The Water Given

We Were Sent Outside (Web Exclusive)
Sam Prudente No 1s Cat

Locating N (The Value Of)
Megan Rich More About Stars
Molly Rooney The Pits
Michelle Schaefer Noticed
Bunny Singh, Audrey Tinnin, Reginald King, Lucy ChiMistaken
N.L. SweeneyThe Death of the Invisible Man
Isabella Tear{47.4924° N, 122.2391° W}
Cora Thomas Daffodil

The Red Napkin
Styne T.Good Morning
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