2022 Poetry and Prose

Poetry and prose pieces that do not have a hyperlink can be found in the physical print of Clamor or on the digital version of Clamor.

Ro Al-GhosienGray-Winged Angel | Reflection in a Canvas
Martin ArriagaLittle ladybug
Aeriel Rae Adajar Asirot“Araw”
Danny BarbareThe Gift
Christian BarraganThe Last Observer
Robert BeveridgeA Handful of Batteries | Dug Up| Well, Yes, That’s the Joke
Katharina Mei-Fa BrinschwitzHealing knows my name | Tight Knots | Their Ambivalent Dance
A. BunneyAccording to Georgia | mourning prayer
Celestial CarvalhoAmor Veneris
Virginia CassadyWildfire Pandemonium | Will she lie dying?
Sandy ChenAmethyst
Cheryl ChudykIt’s All So Hard to Swallow
Mary Christine DeleaAfter The Circus Rider by Marc Shagall | Wildfire Season
Amy Eldridge“Dummy Cartridges”
Anmei GaoAbyssal Zone (Creative Writing)
John GreyA Poem For Everyone I Haven’t Seen In A Long Time | On An Island | Short Flight
Grace Houckmcdonalds in nyc #1
Jess Chia HughesBroken Glass | Full Circle
Connor JamesA Birth from Another View | Conjoined Memories |The Three Books of Reality
Samantha JohnsonAt the Bottom of the Ocean Laid a Tree
Nina JouvalGarden Party
Sarah King-ScottMy Revisionist History, Our Uncertain Future
Meta LeCompteGratitude | Green House | Undressed
Alysa Levi-D’AnconaDaphne | The Passed Down War
Corbin LouisCreed of Angels | Labor Angels!
Abigail MandlinHey, Ladies! | In The Genes | When I Told My Mom
Joan McBrideMetamorphosis with Many Details Left Out | On The Spectrum | Shave
Mynisha McGrewStolen Black Souls
Hannah Mendro“Dirt Meditation”/Crave to Connect
Nicolette NatividadHanahaki Disease
Lance NizamiAir | Evolution | Prediction
Sky O’BrienEdge of the grass | Forest dream #3
Krissy OhForever in my heart
Mary Olivanti-DuerksenSilenced
Sarah PetrovFire
Sam PrudenteBlinding | Trouble
Crystal SackmanYour Power Has Been Restored
Elisa SagisiSP//LIT
Terry SanvilleChasing Par | Dinosaur Caves
Tori SatterfieldWaiting for Spring
Michelle Schaeferno eye movement
Irene ShinFools
Wendi ShivelyIt is Hard to Think of You | Not today
Alexandria SimmonsDo you remember what it was like? | Textile Memoirs
Samaya Sullivana note on healing | inequality
Devin Tainghomebound | sitting under the streetlight | Summerlike Smile
Cora ThomasUntil What’s Left
César TorresThree scenes from an unfinished play
Matthew Livezey WhitehurstAn Echo & Twelve Formidable Leaflets
Simon WolfThis city takes a river to be.
Minyoung YooStretching
Celina YuHanged Man | Idolatry
Lawrence Zephier-ReedCupid | To The Sun

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