Clamor 2018

Welcome to Clamor 2018

Clamor is a venue for public expression, as our name implies. In light of current events, we decided to showcase works that reflect opinions and identities representing the concerns of our community. While not everyone will agree with the ideas presented in these works, we chose pieces that resonated with us.

As a student-led publication, our decisions were not made solely based on the content of these works, but on their engagement with their materials. This year our cover features a botched end-roll from a film negative, something that would otherwise be discarded but that reveals the beauty of the material of film itself. With our selections, we chose to immortalize materials that might not otherwise achieve recognition. Most art signifies a moment, but by putting these works in the journal, we want them to be a part of a larger conversation and play a role in our thinking about what art can be and do.

We would like to thank our contributors, readers, and supporters for allowing us to create the 12th edition of Clamor. This journal is as much yours as it is ours.

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