Funhouse Mirror / rorriM esuohnuF

Scott Bentley

mirror / rorrim
peep / peep
a distorted reflection / noitcelfer detrotsid a
to look through a small opening / gninepo llams a hguorht kool ot
from convex and concave sections / snoitces evacnoc dna xevnoc morf
or from a concealed location / noitacol delaecnoc a morf ro
a popular attraction / noitcartta ralupop a
me / em
to look slyly / ylyls kool ot
ghost in a reflective surface / ecafrus evitcelfer a ni tsohg
an ecology / ygoloce na
or pryingly / ylgniyrp ro
a compartment of the phantasmal self / fles lamsatnahp eht fo tnemtrapmoc a
or furtively / ylevitruf ro
a muddle of mending / gnidnem fo elddum a
to look curiously or playfully / yllufyalp ro ylsuoiruc kool ot
in constant flux / xulf tnatsnoc ni
to glimpse / espmilg ot
a community / ytinummoc a
to show / wohs ot
or protrude slightly / ylthgils edurtorp ro
not / ton
a quick or furtive look / kool evitruf ro kciuq a
expression of negation / noitagen fo noisserpxe
or glance / ecnalg ro
denial and refusal / lasufer dna lained
the first appearance / ecnaraeppa tsrif eht
or prohibition / noitibihorp ro
leave / evael
the formless being / gnieb sselmrof eht
to go out of or away from / morf yawa ro fo tuo og ot
to quit / tuiq ot
nor / ron
to depart / traped to
the crying in the air / ria eht ni gniyrc eht
or let remain / niamer tel ro
a place into my head / daeh ym otni ecalp a
have remaining behind after going / gniog retfa dniheb gniniamer evah
a disappearing / gniraeppasid a
out and alone / enola dna tuo
or ceasing / gnisaec ro
as of dawn / nwad fo sa

sa fo nwad / dawn of as
ro gnisaec / ceasing or
tuo dna enola / alone and out
a gniraeppasid / disappearing a
evah gniniamer dniheb retfa gniog / going after behind remaining have
a ecalp otni ym daeh / head my into place a
ro tel niamer / remain let or
eht gniyrc ni eht ria / air the in crying the
to traped / depart to
ron / nor
ot tiuq / quit to
ot og tuo fo ro yawa morf / from away or of out go to
eht sselmrof gnieb / being formless the
evael / leave
ro noitibihorp / prohibition or
eht tsrif ecnaraeppa / appearance first the
lained dna lasufer / refusal and denial
ro ecnalg / glance or
noisserpxe fo noitagen / negation of expression
a kciuq ro evitruf kool / look furtive or quick a
ton / not
ro edurtorp ylthgils / slightly protrude or
ot wohs / show to
a ytinummoc / community a
ot espmilg / glimpse to
ni tnatsnoc xulf / flux constant in
ot kool ylsuoiruc ro yllufyalp / playfully or curiously look to
a elddum fo gnidnem / mending of muddle a
ro ylevitruf / furtively or
a tnemtrapmoc fo eht lamsatnahp fles / self phantasmal the of compartment a
ro ylgniyrp / pryingly or
na ygoloce / ecology an
tsohg ni a evitcelfer ecafrus / surface reflective a in ghost
ot kool ylyls / slyly look to
em / me
a ralupop noitcartta / attraction popular a
ro morf a delaecnoc noitacol / location concealed a from or
morf xevnoc dna evacnoc snoitces / sections concave and convex from
ot kool hguorht a llams gninepo / opening small a through look to
a detrotsid noitcelfer / reflection distorted a
peep / peep
rorrim / mirror

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